Imagine Having Access To One Of The Sharpest Marketing Minds On The Planet!

The sad truth is that the vast majority of business owners don’t have anyone advising them on “how to market” their products or services.

Sure, the big boys like Coca Cola and McDonalds have a multitude of people in their marketing departments, plus Advertising and PR Agencies at their beck and call.

But most small to medium size businesses simply don’t have access to professional marketing advice.

The good news for you is that for the first time, you have the opportunity to get access to a proven “client attraction” system, designed by John Dwyer (Known as “JD” by most).

Here’s What You Get When You Become A Member!

Essentially you get the keys to the “Marketing Ideas Kingdom” – an invaluable resource that gives you the opportunity to swipe winning “customer attraction marketing concepts” and implement them into your business.

There’s nothing else like this on the planet, we know because we have extensively checked everywhere.

There might be the odd “so called” marketing expert who can provide a tiny portion of what’s in this program.

But nowhere on earth will you find a club like this, where you have multitudes of marketing ideas and promotional tips (both online and offline) that you can swipe and use immediately!

And when you do the maths and compare your investment into this program against the wages you’re probably paying your receptionist or a junior, the value of joining The Wow Marketing Academy has to be recognised as being priceless!

It’s Insane Value At US$297 Per Month!

The World's Largest Online Marketing Ideas Bank For Businesses!

This is an online “Marketing Resource Centre” where you can help yourself to a HUGE library of marketing ideas.

Imagine being able to “swipe” proven winning marketing plans, promotional concepts, website designs, brochure and press layouts, direct mail templates, TV and radio ad scripts, tips on how to run money-making events, and much, much more!

This is a library of all of JD’s past and present winning “customer attraction marketing concepts” – for you to grab and use to promote your own products and services.

It’s as if you’ve been able to look over JD’s shoulders and record everything he has done – and then exploit these concepts to explode sales of your own products or services!


The likes of News Ltd, 7 Eleven, Westfield Shoppingtowns, major television networks and McDonalds have paid a fortune to JD for such unique sales ideas – and now you have the chance to enjoy access to this extraordinary library – at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

JD has produced winning marketing campaigns for just about every business you could possibly think of.

Here’s just a few... and believe us, this list is “just a few!”:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Accountance
  • Landscapers
  • Kitchen Renovators
  • Bedding
  • Shopping Centres
  • Building
  • Car Rentals
  • Fast Food
  • Retail
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Brewery
  • IT
  • Gymnasium
  • Nursing Homes
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Music Teaching
  • Insurance
  • Pest Control
  • Mechanics
  • Dog Grooming
  • Electrical Services
  • Newspapers
  • Radio & TV Networks
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel and Restaurants
  • Photography
  • Travel Industry
  • Wineries
  • Banks
  • Turf Farms
  • Tree Surgery
  • Theme Parks
  • Go Kart Tracks
  • Wedding Videography
  • Seminars & Conventions
  • Petrol Stations
  • Nurseries
  • Scuba Diving
  • Personal Training
  • Guttering
  • Food Suppliers

If we included all of the business-types that The Institute Of Wow has provided marketing concepts to, this webpage would scroll for miles.

The above list is merely some examples so that you can appreciate that JD’s marketing templates are applicable across just about all business-types.

"Swipe & Use!"

If you haven’t exclaimed “OMG” just yet, here’s a BIG reason to do so!!

An inclusion in this incredible program is ACCESS TO ALL OF JD’s MARKETING PLANS for businesses across countless industries!!!

Can you believe this!!!!!!!

You’re going to be able to grab JD’s “Marketing Roadmaps” that he has crafted for “Private Coaching Clients” & swipe ideas to your heart’s content!!!

We’re talking about you being able to go through any of JD’s Marketing Plan documents for lots & lots of “business types” – & SWIPE his online & offline creative concepts for YOUR business!!

Keep in mind that JD’s “Private Clients” have paid him a king’s ransom for these extraordinary “customised” Marketing Plans – & once you’re a member of the Wow Marketing Academy, you enjoy the privilege of being able to access them whenever you want!

(Understandably, for “confidential reasons”, we’ve deleted “personal client statistics etc” – but otherwise you get access to ALL of JD’s unique recommendations to these businesses!!! Yes, “INSANE” value!)

We’re talking about having access to Marketing Plans for the likes of the following – accountants, bakeries, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, finance advisors, colleges, pest exterminators, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, resorts, retailers, hotels, mortgage brokers, theme parks, hair salons, laser clinics, builders, business coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, banks, removalists, catering, caravans, health care, playground equipment, event organisers, travel agencies, mining companies, construction businesses……….phew……& the list goes on & on & on.

Ask yourself “what would I expect to pay for incomparable marketing ideas like this – from a marketing genius?”

The answer would normally be “a small fortune!”

But by joining the Wow Marketing Academy 12 month program, you get ALL these Marketing Plans as part of the deal!

Here’s your chance to effectively have the “marketing plan” (both offline & online”) for your business at your fingertips at any time!!

The Wow Manifesto “Online & Offline” Customer Attraction Marketing System!

As a business owner, you’ve undoubtedly been frustrated with the “ups and downs” of revenue, scratching your head from time to time trying to devise marketing ideas to attract new clients.

And we all know that it’s hard to work ON the business when you are so busy working IN the business.

Imagine having a massive “Swipe File” of proven online and offline client attraction advertising concepts that you could access 24/7.

And imagine if such a library of “winning marketing concepts” was segmented into “12 Easy To Digest Modules” that provided you with a priceless winning formula for attracting customers to your products or services.

And “the keys to this ideas kingdom” also includes an entire module on how best to exploit Social Media Opportunities across multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn!

You Get Both The Video Training And The Modules’ Text Downloads

We’ve made this resource as easy as possible for you to digest and exploit.

You can simply go to any of the 12 modules and watch a 20-minute video explanation from JD – and you can also go straight to the “written module” and read a text description of JD’s tips – it’s entirely your choice, which makes this resource even more valuable!

JD’s video tutorials contain “additional recommendations” from the “text” modules, so you get the benefit of “a double whammy!”


Every week throughout the year, you will gain access to an enter-training video rich with content from JD’s vast history of knowledge.

Having a regular communication like this from JD every week keeps you on your toes and helps motivate you to implement the recommended strategies you’ve learnt.

The videos are somewhat “Tonight Show style”, where JD features interviews with the likes of Facebook ad experts, website designers, online traffic ninjas and ex-Disney senior executives.

(the crème de la crème of the marketing world!)

Every video will have your head spinning with NEW “client-attraction” marketing ideas for your products or services – online & offline! (that you can swipe & use immediately!!)

A Knockout Social Media Sales & Branding System For You To Swipe & Use – So You Can Build Sales Fast!

A Simple-To-Digest 7 Module Swipe File That Will Empower You With The Winning Formula For Facebook Marketing!

In this jaw-dropping training, JD will show you the 7 steps to exploiting Facebook’s algorithms – so that you can catapult SALES & BUILD YOUR BRAND simultaneously.
Who, Where, Why?
Identifying your “most profitable customers” & HOW to look for MORE people who look like them!

With “laser targeted” social media opportunities (such as “custom & lookalike audiences”), you’ll discover how straightforward & profitable this can be!

Plus an “overview’ of The Engagement Code avalanche leads system - & HOW it can transform your whole marketing direction.
How To Position Yourself As The Expert.
People are attracted to “experts” (just ask Gordon Ramsay or Anthony Robbins!) because they are looking for a trusted advisor.

And if you’d prefer to position “YOUR COMPANY” as the expert, fine……….Apple has done a good job at that!

JD will show you HOW to create your “appropriate brand persona” & HOW to always build goodwill & loyalty with “your brand”.
How To Create A WOW FACTOR & STOP Them From Scrolling!
JD will demonstrate HOW you can benefit from social media “pattern interrupts” – using “wow factor” mentality in headlines, images & videos.

Remember, you want to STOP them from “scrolling” - & you’ll be blown away when you see HOW easily you can do this for your business!
How To Create VIDEOS That “Suit” Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn.​
When producing videos for social media PPC advertising or Facebook Lives, there are certain disciplines you need to follow.

Video is taking over the internet – so NOW’s the time for you to “swipe” this winning formula to maximise “engagement!” (Hint: Everyone LOVES “behind the scenes” stuff!”)
How To Plant Emotional Seeds In Your Messaging.
Discover how to include “the problem/solution” formula in your social media advertising & how to create “a compelling story” to trigger quick responses.

When you combine “emotional direct-response” marketing tactics with social media, stand back! You’re cooking with gas!

JD’s gun direct-response copywriter will be in this training, highlighting the “do’s & don’ts”……..& the “must-haves” of your sales copy!
A Deep Dive Into “The Engagement Code” Components.
HOW you can use each inclusion to attract, convert & keep customers:

a. Long Form Copy Ads (attract “warm” clicks through pre-qualification - & avoid costly “clicks” from tyre-kickers)

b. Teaser Ads (attract big numbers of warm prospects who react to a Free Report, Survey or Contest lure.

c. FREE Organic Traffic Through Facebook Live, Instagram & YouTube (how to structure your “livestreams’ to include great content, rapport building dialogue & killer offers).
Test & Measure Time – “Remarketing” Is The Name Of The Game!
How to structure your “longer game” strategy of firstly determining WHAT WORKS - & how to best exploit this knowledge ongoing.

Learn how to identify WHO’s digesting your content & then HOW you should “remarket” directly to them – VERY cost-effectively.

For example, if someone has digested 50% of your FB Live video, they should be on your “retargeting” list!

Limited Time Only – Just US$297 Per Month

So if you want to stop the continual nightmare of trying to think up “customer attraction ideas” at the dining room table every night – or in your office or boardroom – this is the “done-with-you solution” you’ve been looking for!

You can use this “Wow Marketing Academy” program as the benchmark and resource centre for putting together your marketing plan – or you can simply use your membership to add some “wow” to your existing plan.

The great thing about having access to JD’s dynamic marketing system is that whenever you need a sales-building idea, it’s at your fingertips.

Remember, this is not some “airy fairy” combination of nice ideas that “might” work – this is a proven marketing system that has achieved mammoth results for those who have followed it correctly. Here’s your chance to tap into that formula.


You won’t find any business resource in the world like this for such a low monthly investment.

We’re talking about an annual investment which probably equates to no more than 10% of what you’re paying your lowest-earning employee!

And membership of the “Wow Marketing Academy” gives you access to arguably one of the very few marketing geniuses in the world.

And the great thing about this 12-month program is that it suits any size business, whether you’re a start-up, established company or multi-national.

Membership of this program gives you monster benefits for a ridiculously low investment.

You can use this “Wow Marketing Academy” program as the benchmark and resource centre for putting together your marketing plan – or you can simply use your membership to add some “wow” to your existing plan.

The great thing about having access to JD’s dynamic marketing system is that whenever you need a sales-building idea, it’s at your fingertips.

Remember, this is not some “airy fairy” combination of nice ideas that “might” work – this is a proven marketing system that has achieved mammoth results for those who have followed it correctly.

Here’s your chance to tap into that formula.

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