Imagine Having 24/7 Personal Access To One Of
The Sharpest Marketing Minds On The Planet!

The sad truth is that the vast majority of business owners don’t have anyone advising them on “how to market” their products or services.

Sure, the big boys like Coca Cola and McDonalds have a multitude of people in their marketing departments, plus Advertising and PR Agencies at their beck and call.

But most small to medium size businesses simply don’t have access to professional marketing advice.

The good news for you is that for the first time, you not only have the opportunity to get access to a proven “client attraction” system, but you also can enjoy personal contact with the creator of this unique marketing formula, John Dwyer (Known as “JD” by most).

Yes, that’s right!

When you become a member of the Wow Marketing Academy, you get 24/7 personal access to John Dwyer (via the closed 24/7 Facebook Page) a privilege which many of his clients have previously paid hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for.

Here’s What You Get When You
Become A Member!

Essentially you get the keys to the “Marketing Ideas Kingdom” – an invaluable resource that gives you the opportunity to swipe winning “customer attraction marketing concepts” and implement them into your business.

There’s nothing else like this on the planet, we know because we have extensively checked everywhere.

There might be the odd “so called” marketing expert who can provide a tiny portion of what’s in this program.

But nowhere on earth will you find a club like this, where you have multitudes of marketing ideas and promotional tips (both online and offline) that you can swipe and use immediately!

And when you do the maths and compare your investment into this program (which gets you personal contact with JD) against the wages you’re probably paying your receptionist, the value of joining the Wow Marketing Academy has to be recognised as being priceless!

It’s Insane Value At US$497 Per Month!


Imagine the incredible value of being able to speak directly with JD on a weekly basis!

Let’s not underestimate this – we are talking about one of the sharpest “client attraction” marketing minds on the planet – and as a member of the Wow Marketing Academy, you get to liaise with him every week of the year on the phone!

Think about this for a moment – It’s like having JD as your “quasi Marketing Manager” on-tap every week.

The teleconferences will be interactive, allowing members to ask JD questions and get his quick -fire responses.

And they’re recorded so you can always listen to them later.

You may have an online marketing campaign to launch and you want his opinion – or you may be launching a new letterbox brochure campaign and you’re looking for his critique of your headline – or you may just want to know what colour your signage should be on the exterior of your business!

Having this weekly telephone hook-up with JD allows you to get “Rolls Royce advice” from a marketing genius – an invaluable resource that your competitors could only dream of!

“Private” Exclusive
Facebook Forum With JD

You will be a part of a private Facebook Forum with all other members.

This gives you the opportunity to discuss sales challenges or marketing issues with not only JD, but with other business owners and managers.

JD visits this closed group Facebook page daily and provides his response to any queries posted by members.

It’s impossible to put a price on this – you’re going to be able to get JD’s opinion and suggestions on any of your sales challenges 24/7.

Members are asking him questions every day on signage, promotional ideas, database campaigns, website design, radio advertising, Facebook Ads and much more.

He responds promptly to such questions and generally, this sparks more discussion and great ideas from other members!

This private, closed-group Facebook Forum is an incredibly valuable resource for every member.

Every 2 Weeks

Every two weeks throughout the year, JD presents his 60 minute webinars, normally on a Thursday morning at 8:30am Eastern Standard Australian Time.

(That’s mid-afternoon in Los Angeles & late afternoon in New York)

Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can watch these webinars “live” – in your timezone.

But don’t worry if you’re not able to watch it “live” – there is a re-broadcast at 8:30pm on the same day (Eastern Standard Australian Time).

Even if you can’t catch that one, each webinar is stored for you to watch at any time via your personal login.

And no matter what part of the world you’re in, no problems, we will notify you of the time of the webinars in your country.

Having a regular communication like this from JD every couple of weeks keeps you on your toes and helps motivate you to implement the recommended strategies you’ve learnt.

The webinars are somewhat “Tonight Show style”, where JD features interviews with the likes of Facebook ad experts, website designers, online traffic ninjas and ex- Disney senior executives.

(the crème de la crème of the marketing world!)

Every webinar will have your head spinning with NEW “client-attraction” marketing ideas for your products or services – online & offline! (that you can swipe & use immediately!!)

“Wow Manifesto”

Gigantic Case Studies Swipe File

JD’s Wow Manifesto is a gigantic tabloid size library of his most successful marketing concepts for businesses – and you get the digital copy that you can refer to at any time.

You also get a 10 Set Audio Coaching Program, that provides you with JD’s hints and tips on how to implement his “wow client attraction” system into your business.

You’ve never seen a “marketing ideas dossier” like this one – you get behind the scenes access to his massive file of successful marketing concepts for countless businesses.

Some of the chapters in this dossier are:

  • How to be the expert and get people to gravitate to you.
  • How to create a wow factor.
  • How to use “emotional direct-response marketing tactics” to get the attention of
    your prospects.
  • How to fix your website and transform it from an information centre to a 24/7
    Sales Machine
  • How to hold events and sell once to many! (Live Functions and Webinars)
  • How to get powerful video testimonials.
  • How to build repetitive trade.

“Wow Phenomena”

6 Part Video Training Series

JD delivers a dynamic 6-part video series – together with a downloadable chapter workbook and MP3 file, so that you can listen to his wisdom at any time – in the car, at work, at home or whilst even jogging!

Over this 6-part tutorial program, JD takes you through the 5 modules of his proprietary “Wheel Of Wow” marketing system.

You’ll be blown away with the various case studies and “join the dots” instructions.

This is your opportunity to dig deeper into his 5-step client attraction system and reap the rewards for your business!

Each video is around 60 minutes and easily digestible, due to JD’s laid- back, humorous style.

The first video features JD providing “an overview” of his proven “client attraction system” – and each of the subsequent videos cover one of the five components of his Wheel Of Wow formula.

An incredible resource to watch over & over… make no mistake, this stuff is “GOLD!”

Supplier Network Rolodex!

Our “Dream Team” Of Suppliers To
Help You Execute Things!

Another incredible resource – you get the contact details of JD’s “wow team” of suppliers, so that your marketing initiatives can be fast-tracked.

Whether it’s a website designer, copywriter, graphic artist, video editor, voice-over talent or SMS provider, you will have access to JD’s private Rolodex file of his trusted experts.

This can save you an enormous amount of time trying to find the right people for the right job.

If JD is using these people, you can rest assured that they are both good and cost-effective.

Access To The Largest
In The World!

Another massive component of this incredible 12-month program – access to Wow Central, the world’s largest “marketing ideas bank” for businesses!

This is an online “Marketing Resource Centre” where you can help yourself to a HUGE library of marketing ideas.

Imagine being able to “swipe” proven winning marketing plans, promotional concepts, website designs, brochure and press layouts, direct mail templates, TV and radio ad scripts, tips on how to run money-making events, and much, much more!

This is a library of all of JD’s past and present winning “customer attraction marketing concepts” – for you to grab and use to promote your own products and services.

It’s as if you’ve been able to look over JD’s shoulders and record everything he has done – and then exploit these concepts to explode sales of your own products or services!

All Of This Normally US$997 Per Month For
Limited Time Only – Just US$497 Per Month

So if you want to stop the continual nightmare of trying to think up “customer attraction ideas” at the dining room table every night – or in your office or boardroom – this is the “done-with-you solution” you’ve been looking for!

You can use this “Wow Marketing Academy” program as the benchmark and resource centre for putting together your marketing plan – or you can simply use your membership to add some “wow” to your existing plan.

The great thing about having access to JD’s dynamic marketing system is that whenever you need a sales-building idea, it’s at your fingertips.

Remember, this is not some “airy fairy” combination of nice ideas that “might” work – this is a proven marketing system that has achieved mammoth results for those who have followed it correctly.

Here’s your chance to tap into that formula.

Become A Member For An Insanely Low
Monthly Investment!

You won’t find any business resource in the world like this for such a low monthly investment.

We’re talking about an annual investment which probably equates to no more than 20% of what you’re paying your lowest-earning employee!

And membership of the “Wow Marketing Academy” gives you access to arguably one of the very few marketing geniuses in the world – and we’re talking about 24/7 “personal access.”

And the great thing about this 12-month program is that it suits any size business, whether you’re a start-up, established company or multi-national.

Membership of this program gives you monster benefits for a ridiculously low investment.