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Wow Central is an Online Marketing Resource Centre where business owners & managers can help themselves to a HUGE library of marketing ideas – PLUS – it’s also a place where you can share thoughts, questions, answers & opinions with other biz owners & managers all around the world…………whenever you want to!!`

Imagine being able to “swipe” proven winning marketing plans, promotional concepts, website designs, brochure & press layouts, direct mail templates, TV & radio ad scripts, tips on how to run money-making events & much, much more from one of the globe’s most brilliant marketeers!

John Dwyer (known as “JD” to colleagues & clients) is a “marketing maverick” & his “wow factor” direct response ideas have

changed the fortunes of businesses of all sizes.
He’s also the guy who worked side-by-side with Jerry Seinfeld to create a landmark marketing campaign for a small Australian banking institution – a campaign that TRIPLED the bank’s home loan market share within 24 months!

You now have the chance to grab his “customer attraction” concepts & use them for your

business – no matter what size your business is!

It’s as if you’ve been able to look over his shoulders for the past 20 years & record everything he’s done for your own exploitation!!

This is one of those absolutely INSANE opportunities of a lifetime – don’t miss it!

For a small investment, you’ll gain instant access to ALL these brilliant resources for a whole year.


Make sure you watch this short video where John gives you a
“sneak peak” of some of his dynamic marketing concepts that have created an
avalanche of new clients for other businesses. Watch & swipe!!

(Video goes for just over 7 mins – & there’s GOLD in every minute!)


The Wow Client Attraction ideas in this resource centre are incredibly powerful & I’ve seen plenty of them explode sales for businesses.

This is the chance for any business owner to render their competition invisible!

Lisa Taylor
Marketing Manager, Newcastle
Knights Football Club


I simply followed the wow marketing template JD gave me & in just the first month, my revenue doubled.

The client attraction idea was simple – my customers got a Free Gift Of A Carton Of Premium Beer with purchases – & my sales went through the roof instantly!

Trond Smith, CEO, Adphence

“MY CAFE’S Monthly PROFIT SKY ROCKETED FROM $120,000 TO $440,000!”

JD’s Wow Ideas had an immediate positive effect on my cafe sales. They were easy to implement & helped catapult my eatery as the “go-to-place” on the Gold Coast.

And my profits tripled – without having to work any harder. All I had to do was follow the templates!

Steve Fenton
Cafe St Tropez, Gold Coast



As a “Wow Academy” Member, you get UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Resources & Forum for a whole year. Just one modest payment & the keys to the “Ideas Vault” are yours! When you join, you’ll get a Password & Login which you’ll use on each visit. The site is like a “library” – where you can search “marketing resources” by subject or industry-type.
Nowhere else on the planet is there a “marketing ideas library” like this.
You’ll have access to proven marketing concepts that have made millions of dollars for other businesses.
Simply swipe & deploy – whenever you need to attract more clients! You get the keys to the “Wow Kingdom” for a whole 12 months!
The value to any business owner?

If you’re a Business Owner or Manager, you know that there is no such thing as the 9 to 5 workday. You work hard all day, then get home to enjoy a quick dinner…….& then back behind the computer for some emails or “brain-food!” Well now you can enjoy wandering through this “ideas site” at any time of the day, because if it’s “brain-food” you’re looking for, you’ve hit the jackpot! Need a promotional concept that can bring in an avalanche of new clients? Need a Loyalty Program that will stimulate repetitive trade? Need a quick webpage design? Need a longer-term marketing plan? Your answer for all of these challenges is Wow Central.

Remember – as a Wow Academy Program member, you get to enjoy the invaluable privilege of asking JD’s advice on any sales or marketing issue – via the “Closed Group Facebook Page”.
This page is exclusively for members of JD’s “wow community” & gives you the opportunity to tap into JD’s priceless marketing wisdom 24/7.
Keep in mind, you can also ask for input from “other members”, as after all, the Wow Academy is a community of “like-minded entrepreneurs” worldwide!!
It’s a “business community” where everyone helps everyone else!!
And just think about the incredible value of being able to tap into JD’s brain whenever you need a hand!!

Dianne Kennedy


Candyce Clark

Health & Fitness Studio

Trish Morgan

Resource Centre For School Teachers


Here’s just a snapshot of the contents of this gigantic “Ideas Library”
– a resource that you’ll be able to use whenever you want:

  • Case Studies Of Incredibly Successful Marketing Campaigns For All Size Businesses
  • Video Interviews With JD On All Sorts Of Marketing Challenges
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  • Repetitive trade ideas to help you build loyalty from your clients.
  • Tips On How To Position Yourself As The “Expert” – The Trusted Advisor


JD’s track-record of creating successful, ongoing “client attraction” marketing miracles is legendary. This guy certainly knows HOW TO DRAW A CROWD!

And he knows how to sell lots of VOLUME!

JD’s clients include the likes of McDonalds, News Ltd, 7 Eleven, Fairfax, Westfield & NRL Clubs, each of them wanting to tap into his “avalanche marketing” wizardry.


  • World record ratings lift for the 9 Television Network – as a result of devising a “world-first” Points Reward System where viewers got rewarded for watching Channel 9 programs!
  • Exploded the NRL Rugby League Trading Cards sales from $2 million per annum to $12 million per annum IN ONE SEASON! (A massive sixfold increase because of 3 simple “wow tricks”)
  • Received a global award from Warner Bros in the US for catapulting Batman licensed products in Australia to the highest sales levels in the world (on a per capita basis).
  • Largest ever promotional lift in News Ltd Sunday newspaper circulation due to his very different “scratch bingo” formula.
  • Biggest ever telephone response to a promotion – wait for it…………..over 800,000 phone entries in a week…………breaking ALL previous records!! (his “system” for generating this juggernaut response was brilliant!)
  • Australia’s largest ever “response levels” to a letterbox promotion campaign………..dropped 100,000 plastic keys to homes around a major Shopping Centre & 52% of them tried their luck at opening the door of a BMW in the centre! (most marketers are ecstatic with a 2% or 3% response rate!)
  • TRIPLED a building society’s Home Loan market share within 2 years of scoring superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, to front their advertising!

He has developed “proven” systems of attracting new clients quickly………..his “thinking” is way outside the box & refreshingly unconventional……..THAT’S WHY HIS STUFF WORKS!

Put simply, HE’S DIFFERENT, VERY DIFFERENT – & that’s why you want him on your team.

And now you’ve got the chance to tap into his “goldmine” of creative & strategic advice in this Wow Central ideas bank!


And let’s not forget that JD convinced superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, to act as spokesman for the Greater Building Society, a relatively small Australian bank!

This was a marketing coup of gigantic proportions!

And of course, a worldwide celebrity like Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t just work with anyone. He trusted JD’s marketing acumen.

JD worked closely with Jerry and his team to create an incredibly successful marketing campaign for this Aussie bank – and there’s lots of valuable lessons from this campaign inside the Wow Central Ideas Library!

Wait till you see how JD and Jerry joined forces to put “a whole new spin” on home loan marketing – with Jerry promoting “a free vacation with every home loan!”

Result? Jammed switchboards and home loans going through the roof!

The Greater TRIPLED its home loan market share in just 24 months of the Seinfeld campaign – yep, goes to show what can happen when you’ve got JD on your team!

Big ideas, big strategic planning & lots of creativity!

This is your chance to get 12 months’ unlimited access to what is arguably the world’s largest vault of winning “sales & marketing ideas”.

Do yourself a favour & become part of a “new way of thinking” when it comes to using innovative marketing tactics to lure new clients to your products or services.


Imagine sitting at your desk or for that matter, anywhere – and being able to find one or more solutions to your
marketing challenges at any time, day or night.

Let’s say that sales are low and you need to somehow miraculously create ‘instant clients’.

Easy……. as a Wow Marketing Academy member, you simply log into the website and surf around the massive library of resources, find one or two concepts that suit your purposes – swipe them and put them into action!

No need to do any long university course, no need to organise a meeting with some “so-called” advertising expert who says he or she will meet you in two weeks’ time.

As a member of Wow Marketing Academy, you have instant access to JD’s phenomenal powderkegof marketing resources. Remember, this library of JD’s ideas and executions contains the most remarkable ‘client attraction concepts’ ever devised.

Perhaps you think that this description is a bit “hypo.”

But we can assure you, after 10 minutes inside this “ideas vault,” you’ll be thanking yourself for making one of the
best decisions in your business life!

Further down on this page, you’re able to enjoy a “sneak-peak” of the type of content you’ll have access to as a
member of the Wow Marketing Academy.

We’ve revealed a few case-studies of iD’s marketing magic, so that you get a taste of the incredible promotional
templates you’ll be able to access and swipe when you get inside this vault of marketing ideas!

If you’re not convinced yet that this membership opportunity is a “must-do” action, you will be after you see
these examples of iD’s ingenuity!


JD is a pioneer of “avalanche direct response” marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

The marriage of “creativity and practicality” is what makes his marketing campaigns so electrifying………… and so successful.

There are plenty of people who have creative ideas, but unfortunately the concepts are not “practical” and deliver little value.

The opposite is true of JD’s marketing concepts – they are clever, often cutting-edge and always “practical”.

His marketing campaigns have one objective – and that is to deliver more clients or more customers for the businesses which engage his services.


The likes of News Ltd, 7 Eleven, Westfield Shoppingtowns, major television networks and McDonalds have paid a fortune to JD for such unique sales ideas – and now you have the chance to enjoy access to this extraordinary library – at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in membership of Wow Central is going to be one of the best decisions of your business career.

JD has produced winning marketing campaigns for just about every business you could possibly think of.

Here’s just a few……..and believe us, this list is “just a few!”:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumming
  • Accountance
  • Landscapers
  • Kitchen Renovators
  • Bedding
  • Shopping Centres
  • Building
  • Car Rentals
  • Fast Food
  • Retail
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Brewery
  • IT
  • Gymnasium
  • Nursing Homes
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Music Teaching
  • Insurance
  • Pest Control
  • Mechanics
  • Dog Grooming
  • Electrical Services
  • Newspapers
  • Radio & TV Networks
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel and Restraunts
  • Photography
  • Travel Industry
  • Wineries
  • Banks
  • Turf Farms
  • Tree Surgery
  • Theme Parks
  • Go Kart Tracks
  • Wedding Videography
  • Seminars & Conventions
  • Petrol Stations
  • Nurseries
  • Scuba Diving
  • Personal Training
  • Guttering
  • Food Suppliers
  • Oil & Petroleum Drilling

If we included all of the business-types that The Institute Of Wow has provided marketing concepts to, this webpage would scroll for miles.

The above list is merely some examples so that you can appreciate that JD’s marketing templates are applicable across just about all business-types.

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of saying “oh, but that wouldn’t work for my business, because I’m different”.

You will gain extraordinary benefits from being a member of Wow Central if you have a mindset of appreciating there are multitudes of marketing ideas outside your industry which can be adjusted to suit your purpose.

Nonetheless, given the massive wealth of marketing content inside Wow Central, you’re likely to discover fantastic ideas that have already been proven successful in your particular industry.

Either way, you win.


Have a look at these 3 case-studies of JD’s wow factor wizardry – demonstration of the huge value his “outside-the-box” thinking brings to the table.

It’s a sneak-peek of what you can expect to “swipe” when you get access to Wow Marketing Academy.



Wiggly Tail Butchery has 3 outlets in a regional country town in NSW, Australia.

Owner, Kerry Buttsworth, has been battling the big supermarket chains for the past 20 years, as his stores are within a stone’s throw of a major supermarket.

In other words, Kerry’s butcheries are smack outside a 40 ton gorilla!

His only promotional option for the past 20 years has been to “discount his prices” – as the big supermarket chains, Woolworths and Coles, marketed meat for very keen prices and Kerry undertsandably felt he needed to match or beat them in this regard.

Then along came JD with a marketing concept which is probably the most powerful retail stimulant ever devised – “a fuel discount program” that only costs the retailer 5% to 10% of the sale price.

Called Fuel For Less, it involves consumers getting 10 cents per litre fuel
discount for every $50 they spend with the business.

So if someone’s expenditure reaches $100, they can enjoy 20 cents per
litre fuel discount.

If they spend $150, they get 30 cents per litre fuel discount
– and so on.

They don’t have to spend these amounts all at once – their
expenditure can be accumulated over time.

This wow concept has proven to be a “game-changer” for Wiggly
Tail Butchery, with annual sales exploding from $3 Million to
over $4 Million!


Owner, Kerry Buttsworth, letterbox distributed thousands of Fuel For Less Membership Cards to launch the promotional program.

This instantly netted him a massive amount of new customers who were happy to swap from their existing meat supplier (other butchers or the supermarkets) to Wiggly Tail because of this fabulous bonus offer.

Wiggly Tail is a regular advertiser on the local radio and TV stations – and used the templated scripts from JD to create more noise about this incredble fuel discount incentive.

Wiggly Tail’s television campaign featured customer
endorsements, a very powerful technique.

Additionally, each of the three Wiggly Tail Butcheries distributed Fuel For Less Membership Cards from the shops – and “point-of-sale material” at each store ensured that no-one could possibly visit without knowing about the fuel discount program!

JD’s “Fuel For Less Program” is a fully templated marketing system and each Membership Card individually identitfies the member via a barcode.

When the shopper buys merchandise at the store, the card is scanned via an iPad and that person’s expenditure is automatically credited to their Fuel For Less account.

Shoppers can get their fuel from any fuel station – and simply keep their fuel reciept and bring it back to any of the Wiggly Tail stores for their instant cash rebate (limit of 50 litres per claim).

When a shopper makes a claim, their Membership Card is scanned to determine their account balance – and for every increment of $50 in their account, they’re entitled to 10 cents per litre fuel rebate.

It’s that simple – and that’s why it has delivered an extra $1 Million in sales to Wiggly Tail Butchery!

Keep in mind that 10 cents x 50 litres = $5.

This $5 rebate is equivalent to just 10% of the $50 that is spent instore.

That’s the brilliant, ingenius part of this loyalty program – the cost to the retailer is a maximum of just 10% of the sale.

And Kerry Buttsworth explains “the fantastic thing is that when I hand over the $10 or $20 cash rebate to a customer, most of the time they hand it straight back to me and buy more meat!

So this means my cost ends up being closer to 5% of my sale! This is one of the cleverist lead generation and loyalty concepts I have ever seen – and I can assure you, I’m not going to be stopping it anytime soon!”

Watch Kerry’s explanation of the program and see how he
has enjoyed an extra million dollars in revenue!

Wiggly Tail’s television campaign featured customer endorsements, a very powerful technique.


“Staggering” is the word that Kerry Buttsworth uses when describing the success of this remarkable client attraction concept.

In just the first 12 months of running the fuel discount program, Wiggly Tail’s turnover increased from $3 Million to over $4 Million!

But it gets even better.

Because the Fuel For Less Program has an inbuilt CRM system, Kerry has been able to collect over 10,000 names and contact details of customers.

And he now uses the Fuel For Less “automated email and SMS system” to send promotional messages to this database on a regular basis.

And unlike many email blasts these days, he enjoys a massive “open-rate” because he is continually giving “good news” to the consumers (their Fuel For Less account balance and their current fuel rebate entitlement!).
Lesson learnt?

If you want your emails to be opened, give a benefit or good news!
Kerry says “I’ve never seen anything like this in my business lifetime, this program has taken my customers’ eyes completely off the price and therefore I’ve been able to even increase my prices would you believe! Because I’ve been able to gain the exclusve license from The Institute Of Wow for my postcode, no other butcher can match me, so I’m laughing all the way to the bank!”

The recording of customer expenditure at store level is so
easy – all done in seconds.

Kerry says “it’s payback time”, referring to his fuel discount program blitzing the offer from Woolworths and Coles!


JD was asked by Australian Lawn Concepts, one of Australia’s larger turf farms, to assist in marketing an oversupply in turf.

ALC is located at the base of Mt Tambourine on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

After spending time with the owner, JD was able to deduce that the major target audience for the turf product was Landscapers – as unlike home owners, they purchase turf for numerous homes at a time.

JD produced an innovative Direct Mail Campaign which featured an offer “too good to refuse” to most thirsty male landscapers!

For every purchase of 500 square metres of turf (about one regular home’s worth), the landscaper would receive a free carton of premium Crown Lager beer!

JD explains “given the capacity of landscapers to order volume turf, we needed to provide them with an incentive which rewarded them personally. And then we needed to link the giveaway with a particular volume of turf, so that we would stimulate repeat purchasing and ongoing loyalty”.

The Direct Mail Campaign was due to be mailed to 500 landscapers in the region, but after sending 250 of the mailers out, guess what?

ALC Turf Farm ran out of turf!!

Owner, John Kelleher, says “it was just remarkable and I’m now certainly a fulltime devotee of the power of wow!
I’ve never seen anything like it, JD’s concepts are pure marketing genius!”

The turf farm enjoyed a massive 40% increase in sales in just weeks!

You’ll see from the video featuring ALC owner, John Kelleher, the turf farm had to actually source grass from competitors to keep up with the crazy demand from thirsty landscapers!

Think about this for a moment. This would be like Burger King having to source handburgers from McDonalds to keep up with an avalanche demand because of a promotion offer!

Crazy stuff indeed!

JD says “It was like taking candy from a baby! Landscapers were happy to provide their loyalty in return for the premium beer! In other words, we had developed a Happy Meal toy for tradesmen!”

As JD often says, many of the most successful sales promotions are campaigns where the “value-add” is a wow factor that’s completely unrelated to the product or service that’s being sold!


Greater Building Society –
“Get A Home Loan And Get A Free Holiday!”


The Greater Building Society, one of Australia’s Top 500 privately owned companies, is in a very competitive financial services market. In an industry where a large degree of “sameness” is prevalent, the Building Society needed to distinguish its Home Loan product from that of its competitors.

Nearly every Bank, Credit Union and Building Society used a “12 month discount honeymoon rate” as their major acquisition tool and up till when JD came along, the Greater Building Society was no different.


JD devised an acquisition promotion that was absolutely unique to the industry and packed an extraordinary “wow factor punch”. The concept was very simple. Offer consumers a unique benefit that cannot easily or quickly be duplicated by competitors. In April 2001, the concept was born, heralding the start of the Greater’s “Get a home loan, get a free holiday” offer.

In conjunction with a travel wholesaler, The Greater provided a free holiday to consumers who gained a home loan with the Society. Consumers received reward points on a pro-rata basis proportionate to their home loan and then simply redeemed these points for holidays, which were detailed in a special Holiday Directory (e.g. Someone who gained a $200,000 home loan, may have enjoyed 5 night’s holiday in Queensland, someone who borrowed $300,000 may have enjoyed a week’s holiday in Fiji.).

The acquisition tool of the Free Holiday was so successful in its “test period”, the offer became a product, very similar to the McDonald’s Happy Meal phenomenon. (The McDonald’s promotion was so successful that the Happy Meal turned into a fulltime product offering!).


The result of this unique customer acquisition concept took many by surprise. The building society’s Home Loans
quickly doubled and as a result, the Home Loan/Free Holiday offer became an ongoing product category.

Within 2 years, the Society’s loans had tripled!

Aside from new homeowners, the offer was so appealing that re-financing became a large component of the
society’s overall loans. After all, why stay with a Bank that charges high fees and gives you nothing, when you could
swap your home loan to the Greater Building Society and get an absolutely free holiday?

The concept was launched via heavy television advertising and when the offer reached its 6-month mark,
“Customer Testimonials” became an integral part of the communication tactics. After all, there is nothing stronger
than a satisfied customer saying “we swapped our home loan from the bank to the Greater, where we enjoyed
paying no fees and we got a free holiday!”

The offer ran continually for 9 years in a row and the society never advertised an interest rate!
Imagine being able to NEVER market your product on “price!”

JD’s mantra is that “price promotion” should be avoided at all costs. The idea is to take the clients’ eyes OFF the

After all, as a business owner or manager, you WANT TO MAINTAIN your profit margain!

This “FREE HOLIDAY” marketing concept was “wow factor marketing” on steroids.

Its success became folklore ¡n the Australian banking industry!

And after 3½ years of free holidays, JD added more “wow factor” to the Building Society’s home loan offer!

Never one for complacency, a few years after the launch, JD once again convinced the society to “push the envelope” and create an additional “wow factor” to its home loan offer.

So the building society introduced an additional benefit to new home loan customers, being” 10
cents per litre savings on petrol!” JD recognised that like “free holidays”, savings on fuel ¡s something that all
demogaphics would be interested in. One can always have too many televisions, CD players or microwave ovens –
“but one can never get enough free holidays or petrol savings” in JD’s opinion.

This Home Loan “Value-Add incentive” launched via an exciting advertising campaign, comprising of television,
radio, press and direct mail. When consumers got a home loan through the building society from that point, they not
only received a free holiday, but now 10 cents per litre savings on their fuel every week for a whole year. And unlike
the supermarket petrol discount schemes, where consumers were forced to use specific petrol outlets, the
Greater’s offer allowed consumers to use any petrol station in Australia!

This of course was a huge bonus, as it meant consumers had a massive bonus!

Furthermore, JD ensured that the Greater’s advertising highlighted the fact that its “10 cents per litre savings” was
additional to any supermarket discount one might use. In other words, a Greater home loan customer could use the
4 cents per litre supermarket discount together with the Greater’s 10 cents per litre savings and make a total
savings of 14 cents per litre per week for a year!

The Greater simply provided consumers with a voucher book which contained savings coupons for each week of the
year. Consumers simply presented the voucher together with a fuel receipt to their local building society branch
and received the relevant rebate. (Each claim maximum of 80 litres x 10c)

Comparison with Banks used as a marketing tool

Given that research had shown JD and the building society that the largest potential source of home loan acquisitions was from banks, it was important that this campaign further distinguished the building society from banks. Over previous years, the major banks had copped a considerable amount of bad press regarding their closure of branches and poor customer service. (Not to mention the massive bad publicity the banks received for their bank fees!!)

Therefore, JD ensured that a major component of the “free holiday / petrol savings” home loan campaign was a comparison with banks. One example of this was the split screen television commercial which showed a Greater customer filling up his car with petrol, enjoying petrol savings, free holiday and no fees – versus a bank home loan customer with bank, who pays full price for his petrol, pays for his own holidays and puts up with bank fees.

When such advertising hits the TV screen, it certainly not only jolted viewers with its “wow ingredients”, but it also clearly distinguished the building society’s offer against the banks’ offers.

Radio Advertisment 1

Radio Advertisment 2

Radio Advertisment 3

Radio Station Petrol Promotions for Launch

During the launch of the “petrol incentive”, JD organised with numerous radio stations, an exciting
petrol promotion which provided further publicity to the Greater’s home loan offer. Radio stations simply gave
away “10 cents per litre petrol savings for a quarter of a year” to listeners who phoned in response to the radio
contest. The Greater produced special Promotional Petrol Voucher books for the radio promotions and provided
these as prizes, in return for the massive publicity generated by each station.

When one promotes such an extraordinary home loan offer in such an entrepreneurial fashion, its “wow” upon
“wow” upon “wow”!

No wonder this campaign sent home loan sales through the roof!

JD continues to highlight “whoever said a financial institution has to be marketed in a boring and conservative way?
After all, any bank or building society is in the business of delivering dreams to people through financing things like
motorcars and homes. These are exciting, aspirational things for most people, so why not promote the finance
component in an exciting and fun way?”

With the Greater Building Society being one of the fastest growing financial institutions in Australia, JD’s
philosophy paid huge dividends!


Madura Tea is an Australian producer of high quality tea, with its products being widely available through the likes of Woolworths, Coles, Bi-Lo and others. Because it is a relatively small player in the Australian tea industry (Twinings and Dilmah are market leaders), the company wanted to get serious about building their brand name in the marketplace.

JD provided his expertise with both a short and long-term marketing strategy that would sell tea like crazy and build the brand’s awareness.

Although having a relatively modest budget, JD was able to devise an innovative Cash Giveaway Promotion involving an Insured $1 Million Prize.

(JD can secure a $1 Million booty for about $16,000! Betcha that got your attention! When you become a Wow Central member, you can go to the Q&A Forum and ask him “how?”)

The promotion ran for 4 months and was supported by a daytime TV campaign in regional areas along the east coast of Australia.
If you look at the TV advertisement below, you’ll see that it combined brand-building testimonial comments from customers together with the Chance To Win $1 Million incentive.

Stunning Results – Instantly!

This turned out to be a magic “combo”, with sales instantly exploding in all areas where the TV campaign screened.

We’re talking about a 31% sales increase in weeks!

Instead of the conventional “1 entry per pack” mechanism, JD pushed the envelope and gave consumers a “lucky dip” sensation – where they could gain between 1 and 10 instant entries from each pack.

It was this “wow X-factor” that catapulted tea sales to a new level!

Inside each of the specially marked Madura Tea packs, a Game Card could be found with 10 digits being printed on it.

Consumers enjoyed “instant gratification” because upon checking their Game Card, they invariably came up with 7, 8 or 9 entries into the Million Dollar Draw!

By having such random distribution of the “quantity of entries” message, Madura Tea enjoyed repetitive sales that arguably they would not have experienced if the promotion ran “the normal way of 1 purchase and 1 entry.”

JD comments “far too often I see products being marketed with a large prize, but with no wow factor. By creating a lucky-dip formula in terms of the number of entries in each pack, we instantly gained extra consumer interest because of the thrill of the chase!”

JD goes onto explain “remember the anticipation as a child, when you would be on the edge of your seat when opening the Kellogg’s cereal pack, anticipating which toy you might get?

Or likewise, the same thrill you got with a pack of footy or baseball trading cards?

Well the same principle applies with sweepstakes. Why not build in yet another device to stimulate repetitive purchasing?”

Huge Database Bonus!

Because all entrants had to register online at Madura’s website, a massive bonus of over 50,000 email addresses added to the success of the promotional campaign. “Just imagine how valuable this huge database was in the months and years afterwards” says JD.

With emailing having no costs, such a database provided Madura with lots of opportunities to regularly market new lines or online offers.

JD adds “we live in an age where email addresses are gold – simply because of the ability of a company to communicate with its customers regularly for virtually no cost. So for a business to suddenly accumulate tens of thousands of opt in email addresses overnight is a massive bonus and a very valuable asset.”


  • a. A dramatic 31% increase in sales immediately!
  • b. A significant lift in brand-awarness – to the extent where competitors such as Twinings and Dilmah were price-discounting to try to combat Madura Tea’s onslaught!

    (“Ouch!” Price discounting hurts!)

  • c. The big supermarket chains were ecstatic because of the stunning lift in trade.

If you’re not convinced by now that the very moderate investment in joining the Wow Marketing Academy IS THE BEST BUSINESS INVESTMENT YOU’LL EVER MAKE, you should check your pulse!
These “case-study” snapshots give you just a tiny taste of the plethora of marketing ideas available to swipe when you come onboard!