A 6 part video-based training program that will provide you with the “secret sauce” for attracting new clients whenever you want!

You’re going to discover an incredible, proven “client attraction marketing system” that less that 5% of businesses in the world actually use! (And those who ARE using it are laughing all the way to the bank!)

$497 Total

You get five 60 minute video-based training modules, together with MP3 & PDF downloads of the relevant Chapters & Workbooks.

In each of the 60 minute video episodes, JD provides an easy-to-follow explanation of how to create a marketing plan that attracts profitable customers who are willing to pay more and come back more often.

We all know that if you actually “do exercises”, any learnings become more powerful – hence with every 60 minute video-training, you also get a Wow Workbook that has tasks for you to complete (ones that will assist you to build a knockout marketing plan for your products or services).

With each video, you’ll also get a PDF download of an informative & “enterTRAINING” Chapter where you can gain inspiration from JD’s teachings, tips & “real case studies!”

No stuffy “academic-lingo” – just practical & innovative ways to lure new clients to buy your products or services.


You get JD’s entire priceless dossier on this unique “Phenomena” client attraction system.

JD’s direct-response mantra is all about taking your “prospects’ eyes off the price” – and he shows you how to easily do this and therefore refrain from going down the scary “price discounting path!”

In this unique “marketing system” of JD’s, you learn how to create a client attraction marketing formula that provides you with the comfort of “predictability.”

In other words, JD knows that you want to have a formula “for turning on the customer tap” whenever you want to! His Wheel Of Wow formula is a “plug & play” client attraction system that can work for ANY business.

So if you want to stop racing from one promotion to the next, creating a dust-storm of activity when your bank balance is low and you’re desperate for new clients – this is the most insanely valuable investment you could ever make!

Imagine being able to attract new clients whenever you feel like it!

Here’s what you’re going to learn over the 6 video-based interactive training program.

Together with each video, you’ll also receive a “Wow Workbook” that mirrors the tips and teachings of JD’s video episodes.

Similar to his video, your workbook will have lots of incredible case studies and references, making it easy for you to “swipe and deploy”

In other words, you can grab proven ideas & use them to attract new clients!

The Wow Workbook will also have some “mini-tasks” for you to complete (if you wish) so that the learnings from this marketing genius become a brain tattoo for you!

Let’s face it, we all know that if you complete a short task when being tutored, the information becomes so much more powerful and valuable, because you are actually doing something with it!

Don’t worry, the homework is not overwhelming, far from it.

JD simply gives you some straightforward tasks in your Wow Workbook, so his teachings have a better chance of “sinking in” and delivering you extraordinary value.


Video 1 – The “Wheel Of Wow” System Overview:

  • JD will take you through his proprietary “customer magnet formula,” detailing each of the five components of this incredible money-making marketing machine.
  • He will explain how you need to firstly determine your most profitable audience, so that you then build a marketing plan that targets these people and gets the best ROI.
  • He’ll show you how to create an “artificial WOW” – ie.: McDonalds’ free toy in the Happy Meal product or the “freebie” in the Kellogg’s Cereal packs.
  • He’ll show you how to incorporate the hugely powerful “Problem/Solution” scenario into your advertising messages, so that you will ALWAYS attract a disproportionate amount of attention to your products or services (think Nurofen and how they show mum with the headache and screaming children and everything changes 15 minutes after she has taken a headache tablet!……. she looks relaxed & the children are well-behaved!)
  • He’ll show you how to fix your website and turn it from a lame information centre into a 24/7 sales juggernaut.
  • He’ll show you how to build “repetitive trade” through Customer Loyalty Programs and other techniques.

Video 2 – Chase The Right Target Audience:

  • How to determine your most profitable audience and then how to find them. (You’ll be amazed at how EASY this is, both online & offline!)
  • How to do a qualitative and quantitative research yourself without having to pay research companies.
  • How to use online survey templates from the likes of Survey Monkey.
  • How to actually “talk” to your “most profitable targets” & how best to get them interested in your products or services (It’s all about communicating to them appropriately!).
  • You’ll get plenty of “case studies” from JD, so you know “HOW” to apply these techniques to your business. He shows you “HOW” other businessowners have exploded their sales by concentrating on “the RIGHT target audience!” Just take this advice & swipe the formula for your own business!

Video 3 – How To Create A Wow:

  • How easily take your prospects’ eyes off your price – (Imagine the massive value of learning this skill!)
  • How to charge more for your products or services and justify it.
  • How to become “The UN” of your industry and stand out from the crowd (UNlike any of your competitors!). How to enjoy your “expert status” and have more influence and authority.
  • How to exploit “experiential marketing” – holding expos, dinners and cocktail parties (learn how to sell “once” to many!).
  • How to use online communications to “turbocharge” the awareness of your wow factor!
  • Why a “theme” can skyrocket your “wow offers” to new levels.
  • A whole bunch of red-hot examples of JD’s clients using WOW factors.

Video 4 – Exploit The Problem / Solution Formula:

  • How to create an “avalanche response” to your marketing message by employing a problem/solution strategy.
  • How to market your “solutions” rather than “suggestions” (people want solutions!).
  • How to create powerful “video testimonials” to validate your solutions – and learn “where” to feature them on your website.
  • How to use “storytelling” to highlight the value of your “solutions.”
  • How to use “reason why” advertising to increase your conversions (when selling your “special offer,” give them a “reason why!”).
  • Countless examples of successful “problem/solutions” online and offline case studies – ideas you can instantly swipe & use!

Video 5 – Be Different Online And Fix Your Website!

  • How to turn you website from an “information centre “to a 24/7″ sales juggernaut!”
  • The 5 vital direct-response ingredients you need on your website homepage to double, triple or quadruple you current conversions (and to reduce your bounce rate!)
  • If your “bounce-rate” is high, here’s how you fix it!
  • How to create an incredibly engaging Welcome Video that website visitors will watch to the end!
    Why a Free Report is so important and why capturing data needs to be “high priority.”
    Where to feature your most compelling video testimonials and “how” to title them (hint…. DON’T call them “testimonials!”).
  • The four critical Website Design mistakes to avoid!How to use Facebook and Social Media to drive traffic to your site.

Video 6 – Build Repetitive Trade:

  • Why it’s important to determine the “annual value” (and possibly “lifetime value”) of your clients – and how to easily do this – & how to then exploit this information.
  • How to build loyalty with “reward programs” (both offline and online).
  • Why you need to deliver a knock-out experience rather than just “good service” – and how to use this to stimulate “repeat-purchasing.”
  • How to “mirror” Disney and Apple and create a fan base of raving, loyal followers! It’s easy if you know “how!”
  • How to take a leaf out of the fast-food chains’ customer loyalty programs!
  • How to create a “customer continuity program” in just 24 hours.
  • How you can use “desirable events” as a repetitive trade stimulant for “business to business” relationships (spend a certain amount of dollars with us and you get two tickets to come to the XYZ Industry Convention at the Palazzo Versace Resort on the Gold Coast).
    In other words, hold an event at a “wow location” as a reward for the businesses buying from you – and disguise it as an industry convention if you need to!
  • Examples of successful “repetitive trade programs” for businesses across lots of industries.